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Training and Practice

We offer training and practice for children beginning at 10 years and through to high school. No matter what experience a player has had, we customize the training to the individual. Skills are built, endurance training is incorporated, and strengths are leveraged.

The path to mastery is achieved with success in moving through stages. Our unique approach to personalize the needs of each child will give them access to targeted learning and growth. We have found this accelerates our players into becoming the athletes they aim to be in a shorter amount of time than traditional models.

Schedule: Training is twice per week for two hours each. Specific schedules vary by player’s age and the season. Details available at registration.

Price: $285 per month

Note: If you are new to Hard Knocks Club, please contact us and we can discuss and determine the best fit for your child.

Serving Rocklin, CA and the surrounding area

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