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Training the Whole Athlete

Beyond building the skills, we believe in 360-degree preparation of each individual player toward their personal goals. No more cookie-cutter club experience. Let’s raise up players who are ready both on and off the court!

Staying Active is Step One

Training and Practice



“My life has been blessed. I competed at the highest level of our sport in college and professionally around the world, indoors and on the beach, as an AVP touring athlete playing with, and against, the best in the world. This has given me a unique perspective I am excited to share with you!”


Where Human Interaction Can Thrive

About Hard Knocks Club

Hard Knocks Club provides an environment where kids can take a break from their cell phones/social media, so human interaction can thrive. Our Hard Knock Talks bring together elders, leaders, and the experienced from our community to share life lessons with our students and their families. We have a holistic approach to athletic coaching – Spirit, Body, Mind – helping our student athletes grow into confident adults.

Hard Knocks Mentors

HKC gives a platform to valuable people in our community that otherwise have very few ways to interact meaningfully with children and families. These mentors are not sought out because of their degrees, which they may or may not have, but by their Hard Knock credentials and hard won life experiences.

These speakers will bolster our student-athletes learning experience and team synergy by giving on court talks a few times a month on a spectrum of important topics.

Parents are invited to attend, or even present a class.

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